Insurance policies for buildings primarily cover their structure and any associated fittings such as flooring. We anticipate that leaseholders will have their own contents insurance to cover non-structural items within their flat and you should contact your provider to make a claim against these. If a claim is to be made against the building insurance policy, the claimant is to provide the following:

  1. Date of damage / incident against which the claim is being made
  2. Details of damage and loss incurred.
  3. Two estimates for two separate companies for the repair / replacement work
  4. Photos of damageĀ 

Claims will be forwarded to the broker / underwriter. If accepted, the details of the amount to be paid by the insurance company (less the insurance excess) will be confirmed back to the claimant. The decision on payment made by the underwriter will be final and no additional payments will be made by your Residential Management Company / Right to Manage Company.

Please note that claims for water damage within a flat where the cause of the leak is from the flat above; the flat causing the leak will be required to pay for the damage to the flat below and / or communal area in full. Please also refer to our Water Leaks Policy.